Elsie is a fabulous little Cheltenham Sable caravan, a British girl who more than holds her own next to her American Cousins

Elsie has a classic charm with her bay window, two doors and her beautiful pistachio and white exterior. She has vintage floral curtains, a checkerboard floor and a double bed. Elsie may be small but she is equipped with a camping loo, a two ring hob and a small fridge.

At just over thirteen feet long Elsie may be pint sized but this curvy classic is a cracking cosy caravan for couples.

Full week (7 nights, commencing Friday or Monday)

From £390 - £560

Short stay (3 nights commencing Friday or 4 nights commencing Monday)

From £230 - £330

Weekend (2 nights, only available outside school holidays)

From £200 - £240