Dee Dee is a very special old girl. Born in Ohio in 1959 she was the no. 173 Tradewind off the production line.

She’s a Southern Belle who has spent her days in Myrtel Beach, South Carolina, looking across the Atlantic Ocean. She finally crossed the ocean in 2010 to spend her golden days in the tranquillity of sunny Suffolk.

Dee Dee is a four berth trailer, with a seating area that converts to a double at the front and twin beds in the middle.

She is a bygone beauty with her gingham curtains and lovely wooden interior. Dee Dee is a vintage lady who exudes old style class.

Full week (7 nights, commencing Friday or Monday)

From £570 - £770

Short stay (3 nights commencing Friday or 4 nights commencing Monday)

From £330 - £470

Weekend (2 nights, only available outside school holidays)

From £280 - £335