Happy Days Retro Vacation - Our StoryOur story

The Airstream dream began in 2005. We went to visit a friend and his neighbours had a gleaming Airstream outside their house.

We were instantly completely in awe of this gorgeous, silver, iconic trailer. Stepping inside made the excitement grow and we knew we wanted one.  However living in the city with nowhere to keep a caravan meant that the desire to own a retro Airstream had to be put on ice.

2010 was a turning point. It was time to stop talking and start making life changes. We made the big decision to move from London back to Dorset where Jenni had spent her childhood days. We packed up our life and with our two kids we headed to the coast and to a new life.

Now the dream has taken shape. Happy Days Retro Vacations is our way to share our love of vintage trailers. We have found a wonderful campsite in East Dorset to be a home for our fabulous old girls. We have refurbished the ladies in a way that we know you will love.

Come and stay and you never know you just might be smitten and get the Airstream bug too!

Jenni & Kevin Armstrong