Happy Days Retro Vacation - Caravans

Our Vintage Fleet of Lovelies

All of our Caravans are retro. They have been sympathetically updated to make them cosy and welcoming but also keeping as much of their original features as possible.

The trailers are available to hire even outside of the summer season and are cosy inside. They are all well insulted, have heaters and extra blankets to make sure you are warm inside. They are a lovely get away even when it's rainy. You can cosy down inside with a book, a movie or a board game and listen to the pitter patter of rain on the roof.

View 360 TourThe caravans are kitted out with kitchen equipment and radios. There are also small TVs that are purely for watching DVDs. We will leave you a handful to choose from but you may wish to bring some with you. All of the trailers have awnings (weather depending) and outdoor table and chairs. There is a communal firepit as well as individual firepits that you can borrow, wood can be purchased from Reception.

Our ladies all have toilet facilities onboard. We would ask you to use the campsite facilities when possible. On occasion you may get caught short at night and need to use the toilet facilities and we fully understand this. The site also has showers.


Happy Days Retro Holidays - Airstream

Dee Dee - 1959

Dee Dee is a very special old girl. Born in Ohio in 1959 she was the no. 173 Tradewind off the production line.

She’s a Southern Belle who has spent her days in Myrtel Beach, South Carolina, looking across the Atlantic Ocean. She finally crossed the ocean in 2010 to spend her golden days in the tranquillity of sunny Suffolk.

She’s a four berth trailer, with a seating area that converts to a double at the front and twin beds in the middle.

She is a bygone beauty with her gingham curtains and lovely wood interior. Dee Dee is a vintage lady who exudes old style class.

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Happy Days Retro Vacation - Airstream

Gloria - 1961

Gloria is a gorgeous 1961 Overlander. But for a lady in her fifties she certainly wears it well!

As the Beach Boys said ‘We wish they all could be Californian girls’ and who are we to disagree. This west coast cutie all the way from the sunshine state is a real head turner.

Gloria is a five berth trailer with a sofa that makes a double bed at the front, a single bed and bunk beds in the middle. With her original fridge door in tact, beautiful wooden interior and strawberry and gingham curtains how can anyone resist this beach babe’s charms?

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Happy Days Retro Holidays - Airstream

Betsy - 1972

Betsy is a Tradewind Airstream who was born in 1972. She hails from Pennsylvania with its Great Lakes and the Appalachian Mountains.

She looks right at home though in the beautiful Suffolk countryside. Betsy sleeps four with twin beds in the middle and a seating area that converts to a double at the front.

With her sassy red upholstery and retro floral curtains, this vintage silver bullet is a true American Beauty

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Happy Days Retro Vacation - Airstream

Peggy - 1973

Peggy is a lady to keep you guessing, she is a true mystery girl. We don’t know her exact origin but she’s a Tradewind and we know she was born in 1973.

Peggy has a gaucho sofa that converts to a double bed at the front and she also has a double bed in the middle with a small canvas bunk above (suitable for kids aged 6 upwards to small teens).

She’s a five berth, with plenty of wardrobe space, beautiful striped curtains and blue upholstery. She’s a gorgeous tincan caravan.

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Happy Days Retro Vacation - Airstream

Annie - 1966

Annie is a real headturner. She spent her time, before travelling the Atlantic, amidst the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. We like to think that John Denver may have even written a song for her!

Annie is a large four berth Airstream. In her front section she has a sofa that converts to a double bed and a double bed in her middle section. Annie has plenty of storage, fabulous flamingo curtains with contrasting green gingham curtains that match with her green and grey checkerboard flooring.

Annie is truly a beautiful mountain Mama!

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Happy Days Retro Vacation - Airstream

Elsie - 1971

Elsie is a fabulous little Cheltenham Sable caravan, a British girl who more than holds her own next to her American Cousins

Elsie has a classic charm with her bay window, two doors and her beautiful pistachio and white exterior. She has vintage floral curtains, a checkerboard floor and a double bed. Elsie may be small but she is equipped with a camping loo, a two ring hob and a small fridge.

At just over thirteen feet long Elsie may be pint sized but this curvy classic is a cracking cosy caravan for couples.

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